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Professionally Trained Seamstress and Tailor available on site

Brampton Cleaners & Tailoring offers broad-range of garmet alterations & repair services including:

Expert alterations, repairs, and tailoring
Zipper repairs and replacements
Pants, Suits and Dress Fitting according to shape of your body

Brampton Cleaners and Tailoring serves the wardrobe needs of professional women and men by providing alterations of bridal gowns, suits, leather and fur coats and jackets. Pillows and table cloths can also be made to fit your style and needs. The founder has more than 15 years of experience as a professional tailor.

Expert tailoring and alterations

Brampton Cleaners and Tailoring
experts in the tailoring and alterations field.  With a dressing room in our stores, you will find it very easy to bring in the garment you need altered and we can fit you for it ourselves.  Depending on the volume in ours store and the complexity of the alteration, most garments can be picked up within two to three days.  For those really tight situations, we will truly try to accommodate you with next day or even same day service.